About AAK Tele-Science

Who we are?

AAK introduces a revolutionary global collaborative environment dedicated to the scientific research community. Our cloud-based, interactive platform connects scientists with their peers worldwide, providing a smart and user-friendly adaptive experience enhanced by machine learning. Our platform encourages research collaboration while maintaining control over data for its users via our fragmentation protocol. AAK Analytics Cloud combines predictive and augmented analytics capabilities in one simple platform. With strong and secure back end support and our integrated Business Intelligence, we provide a series of services to the scientific community and key interested parties, including venture capitalists and the private sector. We believe our services enlarge the scope of global scientific research, lifting research to infinite possibilities.

Let's Inovate The Future.

What makes us unique?

Innovation Score

Is a unique score for novelty and innovation calculated by AAK's Artificial Intelligence. Our AI considers the novelty of the work within the context of millions of related data-points using published research and industrial vertical indicators. The AI is trained to look for cutting edge, relevant, and real indications of innovative value across a variety of relevant fields, and assigns a score accordingly.

Vertical Relevance

Similar to the Innovation Score, the Vertical Relevance Score is another unique score calculated by AAK's Artificial Intelligence within the context of millions of similar data-points. However, whereas the AI is trained to identify novel, cutting-edge work with the Innovation Score, a valuable complement is identifying how soundly a work fits into an existing industrial vertical. This latter perspective is identified as the Vertical Relevance Score.

For Researchers

Scientific collaboration between peers on their fields of science and across other relevant fields of science.

For Institutions

Collaboration opportunities for universities, scientific laboratories, and organizations from the private and public sectors.

For Investors

Investment opportunities for venture capitalist and private sector.

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